The Pride Center of New Jersey, Inc.
Kollege of Kink (Rm. 1)
Title: Kollege of Kink (Rm. 1)
Description: Jersey Kollege of Kink is an ongoing educational project of the NJ Leather Family as a service to the Leather/GLBT community, presided over by Headmistress Goddess Morgaine. Whether to satisfy your curiosity, learn some new skills or just for the experience come and check it out. All sessions open to all genders, age 18 and over. 2nd Thursday of each month, 7:30-9 PM. The Jersey Kollege of Kink successfully had its first meeting at the Center with attendance of over 30 introduced to the Leather subset of our community. Several Mr and Ms. NJ Leather past and current winners, the NJ entry to the International Leather contest, Masters, Daddy, and their boys contributed to the lively discussion. The gender neutral terms of respect are used in the 24,7 lifestyles of some participants. Role play, leather, bondage dominance, the hanky code and other history were exchanged with the group led by Mistress Morgana and Daddy Sal. Monthly meetings will examine topics participants wish to learn. Submit what you need to know for our next master class. For further info, contact either or
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