The Pride Center of New Jersey, Inc.
Jersey boys of Leather-Rm 4
Title: Jersey boys of Leather-Rm 4
Description: The Jersey boys of Leather is a group of self-identified leatherboys. The term "leatherboy" being defined as broadly as possible with the intent of being inclusive and "boy" not being based on gender, age, sexual orientation or appearance. The term leatherboy represents a common dedication to service and devotion to the leather community. In the minds of this organization, "boy" refers to all submissives that exist in the Leather lifestyle with a masculine energy. Our purpose is to gather in brotherhood and boyhood, supporting our members and our community with respect and integrity. Membership is open to anyone who self identifies as a leatherboy, over the age of 21 without regard to gender, sexual orientation, or appearance. Here is the contact information for the group: Robert "scruffy" Vitale Email:
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