A Pride Center Membership Subscription is a great way to help support the center at a higher contribution level, by paying on a monthly basis.  The membership donation will be automatically charged every month, unless it is canceled.

Membership Levels:

-$15 Student membership Supports our Library operations for one month

-$36 General membership Sponsors one Coming Out or other support group attendee for one year

-$50 VIP membership Provides pizza for one Youth group meeting

-$60 Family membership Covers internet/website costs for communications and community outreach for one month

-$100 Silver/VIP Family membership Supports the Youth Drop-In Group for one month

-$250 Gold membership Keeps the lights on for one month

-$500 Platinum membership Covers rent for our community center/meeting space for one week

-$1000 Benefactor membership Besides esteemed ‘Benefactor’ recognition, funds our Volunteer Appreciation brunch and the awards for our loyal volunteers

The Pride Center of New Jersey is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which means that your membership contribution is tax-deductible .

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