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Advertising in our newsletter or on the website

If you’d like to place an ad,
please email us at
and we’ll be in touch with you!

Sponsoring a Special Event

Get more business exposure! Consider sponsoring an upcoming Special Event at PCNJ!  For more info. contact above e-mail or if interested in a specific event, please check event announcement and send an offer to the event contact listed.

Rates for The Pride Center Website
Within a three month period of web traffic analysis, approximately 3,200 individuals (noted as "Distinct hosts served" on our analysis reports) visit our Website; (over 180,000 hits, 16,000 page views), according to Analog V5 log file analysis reports. To view our current Analog analysis reports, click here.

Banner ads:
Run-of-Site (placed randomly on all pages, other than Home/Calendar) - $60 for 3 months
Home Page/Event Calendar ads (placed on our two most popular pages) - $200 for 3 months
[Pricing is subject to change]

Banner ads must be sized no larger than 468 X 60 pixels and must not be larger than 5K.
Banner ads will click-through to your Website or e-mail address.

Do you need a Website Banner Ad created?
The Pride Center is not responsible for creating your Website Banner Ad. We also will not host your Website. However, these services, including Web design, are available for a very reasonable price from Darren Nye, designer/hoster of our Pride Center site!

Rates for The Pride Center Newsletter (hardcopy):
Our quarterly newsletter is mailed and distributed to approximately 2,000 people.

Horizontal ads:
business card (3.5 X 2) - $30
2/5 column (3.5 X 4) - $60
3/5 column (3.5 X 6) - $90
4/5 column (3.5 X 8) - $120
full column (3.5 X 10) - $150

Other sizes:
1/2 page (8 X 5) - $150
full page (8 X 10) - $300

To view a listing of our current and former advertisers / sponsors, please click here!

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