A moderated discussion group for issues related to coming out as gay men. Men vote on the topic of the day. Meets every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. Send e-mail to njwarrior@aol.com for more info.

FAQ’s – Gay Men’s Coming Out Group

Who is this group for? This group is for men interested in meeting other men addressing the emotions and issues of coming out as a gay man.

What happens during a weekly group? After a go around, intro and topic vote the person who suggested the chosen topic elaborates on what he hoped to get out of the discussion and conversation usually flows from there. Topics are non-political and limited to coming out issues. Afterward the guys go out to the diner or the local gay bar. Some make plans to get together over the weekend.

Is it professionally-lead? Same weekly facilitator since 1986. He has a BA in Psych/Soc/Poly Science with some Peer Counseling Training.

Is the group anonymous? Not technically in that there’s no official bond. People come and go. We don’t just have the same people for a period of time and then they leave. Some stay a few years, others don’t.

Is this a pick up group? Although some guys who meet here wind up dating each other, this is a discussion group, not a pick up place.

Meeting Time/Place? We meet every Wed night from 7:30 –9pm at the Pride Center of NJ.

Cost? $3 for room rent, more if you can…..less if you can’t