Elliot Smego

Elliott Smego joined the board of trustees of the Pride Center in January 2017 as the trustee of Programming. As of May 8th, 2018 he has accepted to be the treasurer of the Pride Center of New Jersey. With great ideas and a passion for event-organization and fundraising, he hopes to bring a new flare to events and grow the financial strengths of the organization. Elliott is a Financial Advisor at Prudential and an active member of their LGBTG business-related group; The EAGLES. As Site lead at The EAGLES, he has helped organize and run a sponsorship with NJ Pride (such as that at the Asbury Park Pride Parade). Elliott has also been a member of the Hispanic social support group at the Pride Center; Raices Latinas, since its inception in 2014. Finally, in the last year Elliott has taken the role of facilitator for the 18-39-year-old youth group, Come Out N Play.