Vic Schimmenti

Vic Schimmenti

Vic Schimmenti was elected to the office of President, effective May 8, 2018.   He has been a member of The Pride Center since 2010 and joined the Board of Trustees in 2014 as Treasurer.  Working on and with the Board of Trustees over the last 4 years, Vic has contributed greatly to his function as Treasurer and financial trustee.  As a Board member and Officer, Vic has participated in the overall direction and leadership of the organization and has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the financial and functional management of the organization.

Vic has always had a passion and deep commitment to the Pride Center and has demonstrated his leadership over the years contributing to the vision and mission and success of the organization.   Through his efforts and contributions, he has established an effective working relationship with the Board and is now leading the organization with a commitment to community service and support.

Vic also co-facilitates the Men’s Coming Out Support Group helping newcomers find comfort, allies and support in their coming out journey, and to welcome them to the Pride Center family and social circles.

Along with his leadership, Vic brings a commitment and energy to the Pride Center that is certain to help us reach even higher levels of success in serving the LGBTQI+ community.