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Come out for fun, activities, and social opportunities with a variety of themed activities and meet-ups. 

Unless otherwise posted, there is a suggested donation guideline for group/activity participation.

Please check the calendar for details and current dates and times.

Theater Group

Creative Voice

Group Name: Creative Voice

Group Meeting Schedule: Every Wednesday, 6:30-8:00pm EST

Group Status: Virtual*

Group Type: Activities, Art, and Culture

Group Leader: Leticia Viloria

Group Description: Creative Voice is open to any artform from singers, fiction writers, comedians, painters, photographers, graphic designers, stand up comedians, etc. Leticia caters to everyone individually and provides direction and assignments based on what you want to work on. The benefits to having different artforms in one class are to learn how we all create differently, as well as what artists from different walks have in common. Everyone gets a different challenge and we discuss what was hard or a struggle. We also focus on being able to make mistakes and see ourselves in a more positive light. This is something many artists struggle with regardless of their craft. We also learn about different kinds of feedback and how to "take what we need from what we get.” Not all feedback is productive and some of it is actually destructive. We learn how to tell the difference between these. We also do silly exercises like experiencing being cheered at nonsensically or booed (with no negative comments). This helps us take in how audiences or feedback affects us and learn to work through it while becoming confident in our work. To register, please complete this Google Form.

Suggested Donation: $5.00 (Venmo: PrideCenter-ofNJ)

out of thebox.jpg

Out of the Box Open Mic

Group Name: Out of the Box Open Mic

Group Meeting Schedule: Every Third Friday, 8:00-9:30pm EST

Group Status: Virtual

Group Type: Activities, Art, and Culture

Group Leader: Pandora Scooter

Group Leader Email:

Group Description: Co-hosted by ZZ Anything and Desi, Out of the Box is an open mic for all types of performers: poets, singers, comedians, tragedians, musicians, jugglers, etc. To sign up, email, or sign up on the list once you arrive on Zoom. Every effort is made to make sure everyone who signs up will be given time up on the mic to share. Priority is given to those who arrive earlier, but if there is room, we will fit everyone in, if possible. The list closes at 8:15 pm or when it is full. Count on having around 6-9 minutes. If you have a performance that is more than 9 minutes, check in with either ZZ Anything or Desi and we will figure something out!

Suggested Donation: $5.00 (Venmo: PrideCenter-ofNJ)


Queer Reads

Group Name: Queer Reads

Group Meeting Schedule: First Wednesday, 7:30-9:00pm EST

Group Status: Virtual

Group Type: Activities, Art, and Culture

Group Leader: Jordan Rubin-McGregor

Group Leader Email:

Group Description: Queer Reads is a casual book club for queer-related books. Meeting updates can be found on the Queer Reads’ Facebook page.

Suggested Donation: $5.00 (Venmo: PrideCenter-ofNJ)



Group Name: SHINE Yoga

Group Meeting Schedule: Every Monday, 6:00-7:00pm EST

Group Status: Virtual

Group Type: Activities, Art, and Culture

Group Leader: Anthony Tumolo

Group Leader Email:

Group Description: SHINE Yoga is designed to ignite the light within each of us to allow us to lead authentic lives filled with compassion for ourselves and others. In this group we will use the practices and teachings of yoga to:

  • Strengthen our physical bodies (All levels are welcome and modifications will be offered during every class)

  • Strengthen our minds and build a strong sense of self through breathwork and guided meditations

  • Build a community rooted in love, safety, and support

  • Laugh, be joyful, and let go of that which does not serve our well-being

If you are unsure if this is the right fit for you, come check it out and see for yourself! All are welcome regardless of age or ability. The hour will be broken up into:

  • 10 minutes of connecting and centering to ourselves

  • 30 minutes of fun movement and yoga postures, sequences, and flows

  • 10 minutes of mindful meditation and relaxation

  • 10 minutes of connecting, sharing, and building community with each other

Don't forget to bring a yoga mat (or towel) and journal (or any type of notebook) to class!

Suggested Donation: $5.00 (Venmo: PrideCenter-ofNJ)

The Pride Center of NJ is listed as an organization that LGBTQ+ inmates in different jails/prisons across the country could write to for support and comradery. Incarcerated LGBTQ+ folks make up some of the most marginalized members of the LGBTQ+ community. There is a lot of stigma surrounding being incarcerated, and LGBTQ+ members have been historically mistreated by law enforcement and the criminal justice system. This letter-writing program gives members of the community an opportunity to provide and receive support from one another.

For more information on how to participate, please reach out to Darla Bonagura (

Pen Pal Program with LGBTQ+ Incarcerated Community

Pen Pals.jpg

Male Drawing Sessions

Group Name: Male Drawing Sessions

Group Meeting Schedule: Third Thursday, 6:30-9:30pm EST

Group Status: In-Person

Group Type: Activities, Arts, and Culture

Group Leaders: Tom Nicola and Tai Lin

Group Leader Email:

Group Description: All you need is a pencil, paper, and eraser to try your hand at drawing the human figure. If you would like to participate, please make your donation of $15 at the session.