Stronger Together

Working with state and local government and activists within the community, The Pride Center seeks out opportunities to create positive and lasting change.


2020 Census

The Census is a count of all U.S. residents that is required by the Constitution every 10 years. The federal government uses it to allocate resources to state governments. Based on the number of residents, more than $17.5 billion dollars goes to New Jersey every year. The Census determines congressional districts and state legislative districts, grant and programmatic funding, and so much more. 

When New Jersey residents are not counted the state loses funding and influence. Historically, the Census has missed counting hard to count populations such as the LGBTQ community. The Pride Center is an advocate for a complete count of all individuals, as it is especially important that we are included. Learn more about the count is this Census video.

The Census is hiring! Temporary positions can pay $18 to $22 an hour. Earn extra income while helping your community.

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The Center is a vital link to other LGBTQ organizations. We recognize that we are stronger together. Our office shares space with Jersey Pride, the producer of the largest Pride event in the state.


Addressing Critical Issues

The Center hosts guest speakers  who address issues that are important to the LGBTQ community such as BlakSyn, a queer non-binary man (they/him), a practitioner of BDSM, a sex worker, and author. BlakSyn is an advocate for consent and how it should be applied to marginalized communities.