• kford35

Statement on Yesterday’s Attack on the Capitol

In the aftermath of yesterday’s events in Washington, we at The Pride Center firmly

condemn the violent attacks at the Capitol building. These senseless acts led to four

unnecessary deaths and represent an act of violence against our very system of


This country can succeed only when the principles of its democracy are upheld, with the

peaceful transition of power chief among them. As many have noted, regardless of political

ideology or party affiliation, we must continue to work now more than ever towards a

more perfect union. We at The Pride Center call on our state and national legislators to tell

the truth, to put country over political expediency, and to hold those accountable who fail

to do so. To do otherwise is to risk the destruction of the ever-fragile American democratic


Yesterday’s assault on the Capitol was an assault on the democratic process, and it will take

a concerted effort from both our elected leaders and our fellow citizens to repair the

damage that was done. This damage predates yesterday’s events, however, and there must

be a period of healing that also addresses the root causes that ultimately culminated in the

terrible display we witnessed, including inequity across racial, ethnic, class, and other

demographic lines.

As we continue forward from the events at the Capitol, we recognize the need to reflect and

cope. If you are looking for community, please visit our website for our calendar of social

and support groups that are meeting remotely. We also have mental health resources

available. Yesterday’s events were truly horrific, but together we must work to better our

nation and our community. The Pride Center is committed to that mission.