Special Interest

An opportunity to engage, interact and socialize with individuals geared toward a particularly area of activity or interest.   There is a suggested donation for group participation.

Please check the calendar for details and current dates and times.

NEW Pride Center Community Impact

 Join a group that spans all groups, all interests and all ages (from 18 to 88). Show your pride by engaging in Center marketing and outreach. Volunteer as a Pride Ambassador. Speak at community events or attend them as a Center representative. Spread the word about policy issues such as the 2020 Census. Be on the front lines of outreach activities. Everyone is welcome. 

Karen Ford

Kinky Men's Group

Social, networking and support group for men involved with and interested in the leather, fetish and kink communities.
Chat with us:





Allan Kleiman & Carlton Hurdle


Rope Share

The goal of the group is to give people a place and time to share knowledge about, and play with, rope. People can learn, teach, ask questions, and find someone to tie up (or, someone to tie them). Depending on demand, there will be potential for presenters, demonstrations, discussions, or free play. What are your hopes for NJ Rope Share? Opinions, questions, comments, and a better idea for a name are welcome. 


GLSEN Central NJ

Board Meeting
GLSEN focuses on and advocates for LGBTQ issues in education. 



NJ Furries 

A social group for the NJ (and surrounding) Furry community. Furries are fans of anthropomorphic animals, more information can be found on wikifur.com. Everyone is welcome, new to the community or the idea, come and join us to see what we are all about! 
It's a perfect time to fursuit, hang out and chill! See ya there! 

Carlton Hurdle

NJ Rope Bite

LGBT/Straight inclusive, post-work pot-luck munch and rope lab. A place to hang out, learn about rope, and share - a place to try some things out and get feedback from your peers. A bit more advanced, it is facilitated by two local presenters, Ian Michaels and out gay man, BoundToFly. Come early, bring your dinner and maybe a little something extra to share while we socialize, network and tie.

Bob Wu


NJ Hypnokink's goal is to educate people in the basics of using techniques of hypnosis to enhance various types of kink in a way that emphasizes pre-negotiation and consent. We want to provide a safe space in which people can learn, practice, and socialize with others who share an interest in hypnokink.


Library Committee

Library Committee


Sex Positive

Sex Positive focuses on several aspects of sex and sexuality within the queer community: sex education, sexual experiences, and different sex practices. The goal is to create a safe, judgement-free, and positive environment for queer folks to ask questions, share stories, discuss issues, and improve upon their sexual self-image, confidence and knowledge.


Everyone is Welcome!

The Pride Center of New Jersey 

is a safe and welcoming place for everyone in the LGBTQ community.


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