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Support Groups

Some groups may require a small fee. Please check the calendar for details and current dates and times.


Bi the Way

“Bisexual+” is an umbrella term including anyone who is or thinks they might be attracted romantically and/or sexually to more than one gender (including folks who identify as bisexual, pansexual, sexually fluid, omnisexual, among others). We provide a dedicated space for identified and questioning bisexual+ people of all genders to discuss and share the joys and struggles of non-monosexuality. 

Bri Salomone & Fiona

Non-Binary Pals

Non-Binary Pals (NBP) is a peer-based support group focusing on the non-binary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming experience. Our focus is on creating a community for humans finding their place in the gender spectrum. 

James Geller


Brother group to the TrueSelves Support Group. This group is intended for transgender males. 



Vic Schimmenti

Gay Men's Coming Out Group

A welcoming group to discuss the challenges of coming out for gay men of all ages. The group provides the opportunity to share and learn from others’ experiences in a supportive environment. It is also an opportunity to develop a support ‘network of friends’ which often leads to social opportunities at The Center and beyond. 

Patricia Nagle

True Selves Support Network

A Transgender peer-based support group focusing on all aspects of the Transgender spectrum from gender issues to understanding yourself and your community. All members of the transgender community are welcome. 

Pandora Scooter

Women's Coming Out

This group provides a supportive environment for women who are at any stage of the coming out process. Women of all ages who consider themselves gay, lesbian, bisexual, or questioning are welcome. Ages 18 and over.

Rhonda Williams

Intersex Connection

A support group for everyone on the LGBTQI spectrum to get together to discuss issues affecting us all. Including but not limited to community action and how we can get involved.


LGBTQ+ Mental Health

Living with a mental health condition? Looking for a safe space to find support? Come to the LGBTQ+ NAMI Connection meeting, a peer-run support group. 


You Better Work

LGBTQIA+ NA Meeting 
The monthly schedule is as follows: 1st Sunday: Step of the month 2nd Sunday: Pamphlet 3rd Sunday: Just for Today 4th Sunday: Q&A 5th Sunday: Meditation.

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