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The Pride Center offers a variety of peer support groups where individuals discuss their experiences and challenges in a supportive environment.  The discussions provide the opportunity to share and learn from others’ experiences and help build a sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance to improve the quality of life.  These groups of ‘like-minded’ people also serve as a support ‘network of friends’ which often leads to social opportunities at the Center and beyond.   There is a suggested donation for group participation.

Please check the calendar for details and current dates and times.

Bi the Way

“Bisexual+” is an umbrella term including anyone who is or thinks they might be attracted romantically and/or sexually to more than one gender (including folks who identify as bisexual, pansexual, sexually fluid, omnisexual, among others). This support group provides a dedicated space for identified and questioning bisexual+ people of all genders to discuss and share the struggles and joys of non-monosexuality. Please contact Rachel with any questions at


Non-Binary Pals

Non-Binary Pals (NBP) is a peer-based support group for non-binary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming folks! Our focus is on creating a community for humans finding their place in the gender spectrum. We meet twice a month on the first Thursday at 7:30pm and the third Sunday at 1:00pm. For questions or information, our facilitators can be reached via email at!

Pete Salomone & Fiona

LGBTQ+ Domestic Violence Support Group

For meeting information, please reach out to Kari Snow (

Kari Snow

Men's Coming Out Group

The Men's Coming Out Support Group is a welcoming group for gay men of all ages to discuss the challenges of coming out in a safe supportive environment. The group focus is to provide discussion opportunities and support for those who may have issues or challenges in coming out as a gay man, be struggling with inner conflicts or a lack of comfort with themselves being gay, have an interest in learning from others' experiences in going through the process of coming out and dealing with or overcoming the challenges, and/or benefit from a better understanding of what it means to be gay and to live life accordingly. Objectives of the group include building a sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance, and helping to overcome fears of coming out that may be preventing you from living your life to its fullest. The group provides the opportunity to share and learn from others’ experiences in a safe supportive environment. It is also an opportunity to develop a support network of friends which often leads to social opportunities at the Center and beyond.

Facilitated by: Vic Schimmenti. Please email a request to participate to Info and registration access will be provided.

Vic Schimmenti

True Selves Support Network

A transgender, peer-based support group focusing on all aspects of the transgender spectrum from gender issues to understanding yourself and your community. All members of the transgender community are welcome. Every third Sunday from 4:00-6:00pm and every first Monday from 7:30-9:30. For video conferencing information, contact Patti (

Patricia Nagle

Women's Coming Out

Contact for info on remote meetings. This group provides a supportive environment for women who are at any stage of the coming out process. Women of all ages who consider themselves gay, lesbian, bisexual, or questioning are welcome. Women of all ages 18 and over from all across the country are welcome. Meets every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm EST on Zoom.

Pandora Scooter

Late Bloomers

This is a group for anyone dealing with coming out later in life; while married, in a long-term partnership, separated, or divorced. We talk about issues that arise in coming into your gender identity and/or sexual orientation as an adult. Topics that often come up include the fear of coming out to a spouse, navigating non-monogamy, facing resentment and disbelief, feeling of isolation even in the LGBTQIA+ community, the pain of divorce, facing familial hostility, losing one’s support network, parenting difficulties, and more. This group is an affinity space - open to anyone who identifies with being a late bloomer. Maybe you’re not out, but would like to meet others who share the struggle. Maybe you are married with kids and feel you can’t come out. Perhaps you’ve been on a journey of exploring your sexuality but are still feeling isolated. You might be out already but would like to be around other people who understand the late bloomer experience. Whatever the case may be, we welcome everyone who is searching for a space to navigate the complexities that arise in questioning and coming out later in life. For more information, please reach out to or

Facebook group

Callan & Ellis

LGBTQ+ Mental Health

Living with a mental health condition? Looking for a safe space to find support? Come to the LGBTQ+ NAMI Connection meeting, a peer-run support group. For more information, please reach out to


You Better Work

The monthly schedule is as follows:
1st Sunday: Step of the Month
2nd Sunday: Just for Today
3rd Sunday: Just for Today
4th Sunday: Just for Today
5th Sunday: Meditation

For more information, reach out at

To speak to a representative from Narcotics Anonymous in New Jersey immediately, please call 1-800-992-0401. This is the New Jersey Narcotics Anonymous Helpline.

Zoom meeting ID: 848 3588 8617
Password: 060215
Dial-in: 646-558-8656


Rainbow Support & Empowerment Network

The Rainbow Support and Empowerment Network is a grassroots volunteer network that provides empowerment and support for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. It is an inclusive and intersectional community-based volunteer- and peer-led collaborative. We engage together in activities that include "edutainment" events, group circles, and activities that include engaging in contemplative activism. Volunteer peer supports and mentors facilitate personal, relational, and community growth, empowerment, trauma transcendence, and resilience gatherings. Activities and groups have included LGBTQIA+ parents and intergenerational women. To become a volunteer and/or participate in events, groups or gatherings, please contact Tina Maschi at or

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